We believe that the solution lies in building long-term relationships with funders and partners who share our vision.

Collectively,  we can solve the problem.

Ocean Recovery Partners

Founding Partners

The building blocks of our success.

Vala invests and supports innovative companies with the potential to scale quickly and make a positive impact. A collection of like-minded investors, focused on offering start-ups both finance and hands-on support, rooted in decades of real entrepreneurial experience.

Arksen are an innovation, technology and adventure company. We build capable vessels that enable families and friends to confidently explore some of the most wild and precious places on the planet. Our aim is to encourage and motivate the next generation of explorers, scientists and conservationists.

When a foundation, business, or individual donates to 10% for the ocean, they drive a global alliance of charitable giving to blue recovery, providing a lifeline to an underfunded United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, and supporting the UNESCO-mandated Decade of Ocean Science.

Donate to us, and we will distribute the funds to a worldwide network of critical ocean causes and projects, through our Ocean Recovery Network.