We're looking for

new donors for the ocean.

Thanks to our Venture Philanthropy approach, we offer a more collaborative and impactful approach to environmental philanthropy.

We provide a ‘one click’ solution to ocean conservation, for everyone. The public, corporations, governments, NGOs and foundations, all can join the fight to save the oceans through 10% for the ocean. ​

Our mission is to enhance funding for the ocean

  • Supporting with unrestricted funding and marketing efforts. 
  • Building a coalition of NGOs following the approach: as local as possible as global as necessary. 
  • Best in class impact measurement, with a business-like approach to processes and results.

When ‘doing good’ is done well.

Philanthropy can be a powerful force for positive change. At 10% for the ocean, we:
  • Build trust between donors and grantees. 
  • Spend on advertising, marketing, and fundraising to scale awareness and drive extraordinary charitable giving to selected and complementary NGOs
  • Take a trust-based philanthropy approach.
  • Work with leading conservationists, scientists, advocates, and partner brands
  • Champion teamwork and collaboration to assemble a coalition of ocean stakeholders
  • Act with transparency and diligence

Through a rigorous due diligence process.

Our team curates a portfolio of bold initiatives poised to drive change at scale. 

We handpick NGOs implementing projects around themes, such as Ocean and Climate change, Biodiversity, Health, and Nutrition… 

We aim to attract a wider range of funders, from those active in environment protection to those who would not usually have considered the Ocean in their giving strategy.

Donate to us, and we will distribute the funds to a worldwide network of critical ocean causes and projects, through our Ocean Recovery Network.