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Aithche Smyth

Creative & Design Director

Aithche (At-cha) is a multi-disciplinary design and art director with over 9 years experience working with some of the top ad agencies in the creative industry. With clients such as Diageo, Nike, Skoda, Bowers and Wilkins, Uniqlo, AbInBev and Arksen, to name but a few.

She is extremely passionate about the ocean and the environment. Having creatively overseen multiple campaigns for ocean conservation and climate change, including Yachts for Science, a program matching marine scientists with private vessels to undertake field research and Redheads vs Climate Change, a climate change protest campaign with a humorous twist.

Dr Angela Mead

Marine Biologist and Founder of Biome Algae

Dr Angela Mead is a marine biologist and Founder of Biome Algae, a company sustainably farming seaweed in the UK. With a career that has taken her around the world, her areas of expertise include coastal ecology, aquaculture, invasive species, marine management, and law. Angela works with a number of research institutes and organisations and has a focus on engaging the public around why sustainable use of our ocean is important to support coastal communities. She highlights the range of solutions the ocean can provide to solve large societal issues and why the restoration of marine biodiversity and habitats is so important.

Edward Couldwell

Partnerships Director

Eddy has helped to develop brands of all shapes and sizes, having worked on a range of partnerships with Virgin Racing and CSM Sport & Entertainment. His design experience in both product and marketing makes him the ‘go-to guy’ for anyone looking to launch their idea out into the world. Eddy’s consultancy business supports everyone from sole traders to Series B start-ups. As someone who spends all his spare time on boats and boards, leading the design and delivery of partnerships for 10% for the Ocean is the perfect fit.

Joshua Dixon

Strategy Director

Josh is a brand strategist and communications expert who’s worked at the biggest ad agencies in London and across many well-known global and household brands including Andrex, Canon,, EE, SSE, and Volkswagen. Josh believes that fast change stems from a swell of consumers demanding change from the bottom up. Inspired by the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, Josh approached the director, Richard Vevers, and they collaborated to create a brand and campaign to save the coral reefs – working closely with The International Coral Reef Institute (ICRI), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), WWF, and many others.

Dr Sam Llewellyn

Deputy Director

Research scientist turned investment manager; project management and bringing ideas to life are at the heart of Sam’s skill set – embracing challenge and working across a wide range of sectors. With a PhD in biological sciences, Sam has an implicit appreciation for human reliance on the Earth’s natural resources. Sam has over 10 years’ experience in the financial services and alternative investment industries, having enjoyed key stakeholder and Board management relationship responsibilities alongside investment and asset management roles.

Olly Hicks

Executive Director

Olly is responsible for the day-to-day running of 10% for the ocean. He oversees fundraising activities and beneficiary, donor, and partner relationships. Olly has a deep-rooted passion for the ocean, becoming the youngest person to row any ocean solo in 2005 when he crossed the North Atlantic in 124 days. To date, he has spent over 2% of his life alone at sea, so it’s fair to say he is strongly aligned with the preservation of the ocean!

Jasper Smith


Jasper is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur, known as a pioneer in the games and technology industries. He has spent a lifetime adventuring at sea and on land and has witnessed first-hand the man-made ocean crisis that exists today. Jasper founded 10% for the ocean to provide a platform for uniting ocean support and dramatically shifting the needle in charitable funding for a blue recovery.

Professor Peter Jones

Professor of Environmental Governance

Professor Peter Jones (University College London) specialises in governing human uses of marine ecosystems. Alongside his book, Governing Marine Protected Areas: resilience through diversity, Dr Jones is an internationally recognised authority on marine protected area (MPA) and marine spatial planning governance issues. He has held advisory roles with Natural England, IUCN, and European Commission, and has been collaborating with UNEP since 2009 to advise on how different approaches can be combined to effectively govern MPAs.

Professor Willie Wilson

Marine Biological Association

Professor Willie Wilson is Director of the Marine Biological Association (MBA) – one of the world’s longest-running societies dedicated to promoting research into our ocean and the life they support. Formerly Director of the National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota in the US, and then Director of the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS), Willie’s research focuses on the diverse roles of marine viruses and how they are necessary for life. Professor Wilson oversees the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey, which has been monitoring the pulse of the ocean through plankton since 1931. This research allows the MBA to contribute to the science that advises political decisions on a global scale. Passionate about research being seen as societally driven, Professor Wilson is committed to excellence in marine science to help increase public knowledge – he advocates that without this human understanding, ocean management will be impossible.

Rear Admiral Nick Lambert

Master Mariner & Ocean Expert

A master mariner and a committed proponent of the maritime users’ perspective, Rear Admiral Nick Lambert concluded a long naval operational career as the UK National Hydrographer in December 2012. He advises on a wide range of maritime issues including the growing potential of the blue economy concept, the importance of spatial data infrastructures and hydrography for maritime economies, the evolution of eNavigation and GNSS vulnerability, near or real time situational awareness (especially that derived from space based assets and applications), maritime connectivity and cyber security, human factors, and training and education in the maritime sector.

He has a particular interest in the Polar Regions and is also engaged in a variety of situational awareness, fisheries and aquaculture management, marine autonomous systems and vessel efficiency projects.

Dr Gabrielle Walker

Climate Change Strategist, Speaker, Moderator

While the world is facing systemic challenges on an unprecedented scale, many of our institutions – both public and private – are trapped in silos, with short-term and short-sighted goals. Dr Gabrielle Walker works at the boundaries between these silos. Using innovative approaches and developing new narratives to enable both longer-term perspectives and more rapid collective action on sustainability and climate change. Gabrielle is an expert strategist, speaker, and moderator. She works as an advisor at boardroom level with a wide range of global companies and has covered many different sectors. She has been Climate Change Editor at Nature and Features Editor at New Scientist and has written for many international publications. A self-confessed ‘ice addict’, Gabrielle has made more than a dozen trips to both poles. She has also climbed trees in the Amazon rainforest, swum with piranhas, been sneezed on by a humpback whale, hooked lava out of a live volcano, and flown in zero gravity.