Thank you for participating

🌊✨ Reflecting on our recent consultation sessions – a dive into progress and possibilities! 🚀🔍

I’m thrilled to share with you a summary of our discussions and outcomes:

👥 Sign-ups: We had an impressive 170 sign-ups from across the globe, representing 59 countries!

🌍 Global Reach: Our audience hailed from Europe (51), Latin America & the Caribbean (43), North America (26), Asia (23), Africa (23), and Oceania (4). It’s inspiring to witness the diverse representation and international scope of our community.

🎙️ Actual Attendees: We were delighted to welcome 91 attendees to our sessions, contributing their valuable insights and perspectives.

📹 Session Engagement: The recordings of our sessions were viewed 42 times and downloaded an impressive 43 times, extending the reach of our discussions even further.

👏 Positive Feedback: Overall, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have praised our innovative approach, particularly the conversational evaluation mechanism and our commitment to empowering underrepresented groups and geographies.

🔍 Constructive Criticism: Of course, no journey is without its challenges. We’ve taken note of some constructive criticism regarding the size of the grant and eligibility requirements, particularly the income cap. Additionally, concerns were raised about the financial requirements for due diligence, especially for organisations that may not have formal financial accounts. Finally, more space has been requested in the application form to highlight past experiences and achievements.

To provide a glimpse into the valuable insights shared during our sessions, I’ve included some feedback from our Miro board.
🗨️ “I like the ideas of regular calls instead of time consuming reports which most of the time you cant fit everything that the organization has accomplished. Another alternative or can sum up to this is short videos telling what has been accomplished. “
🗨️ “Es fabuloso que esta oportunidad sea para cualquier país. Nuestra fundación es pequeña y está registrada en Canada, pero trabajamos más que todo en Colombia. Sin embrago, se asume por otros que siempre tenemos fondos.”
🗨️ “If you target small organizations then 700k of yearly income is WAY too high. I would suggest 200-250k yearly as a limit to consider it a small org.”
🗨️ “The Ocean Recovery Network should be called the JUST Recovery Network”

Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to refine and improve our approach. Together, we’re paving the way for a more inclusive, collaborative, and impactful future for ocean conservation.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to these meaningful discussions. Let’s keep the momentum going as we work towards our shared vision of a healthier, more vibrant ocean ecosystem. 🌊💙



Watch, review and comment


If you missed it, don’t worry, consultations are open until the 20th of May.

1️⃣ Watch the recording (about 30mins – Passcode: wX*%@$7.) 
2️⃣ Revise the material 
3️⃣ Provide your feedback 

Plus de 165 personnes se sont inscrites pour assister à notre présentation et beaucoup d’elles ont déjà fourni des commentaires valables.

Si vous l’avez manqué, ne vous inquiétez pas, les consultations sont ouvertes jusqu’au 20 mai.

1️⃣ Regardez l’enregistrement (environ 30 minutes – Code d’accès : qs^5+mba)
2️⃣ Réviser le matériel
3️⃣ Donnez votre avis

Más de 165 personas se inscribieron para asistir a nuestras sesiones de consulta y muchas de ellas ya nos dieron comentarios válidos.

Si te lo perdiste, no te preocupes, las consultas están abiertas hasta el 20 de mayo.

1️⃣ Mire la grabación (aproximadamente 30 minutos – Código de acceso: LClv3@a3)
2️⃣ Revise el material 
3️⃣ Envíe sus comentarios


Mais de 165 pessoas inscreveram-se para participar nas nossas sessões de consulta e muitas delas já forneceram feedback válido.

Se perdeu, não se preocupe, as consultas estão abertas até dia 20 de maio.

1️⃣ Assista à gravação (cerca de 30 minutos – Senha: 79#!pxkB)
2️⃣ Revise o material
3️⃣ Forneça seus comentários



Calling potential grantees to discuss our next grant cycle approach

Are you an organisation or institute working tirelessly to protect, restore, educate or research about the ocean? We’ve got exciting news for you!

We’re hosting a series of online sessions to introduce our renewed strategy and revamped application and evaluation process.

This is YOUR chance to ask questions, share your thoughts, and suggestions so we can refine what presented and make sure we implement processes that are as smooth as possible for our applicants and future partners.

Find your preferred language, date and time and register here:
🇬🇧 English 24th April at 8am BST
🇬🇧 English 24th April at 12pm BST
🇬🇧 English 29th April 4pm BST
🇫🇷 French 30th April at 2pm BST
🇪🇸 Spanish 2nd May at 3pm BST
🇵🇹 Portuguese 7th May at 2pm BST

Close captioning will be available, and recordings will be circulated afterwards.

Please, share widely with your network








Help shaping a new localised approach for Ocean Conservation

10% For The Ocean believes in the power of giving back to the ocean, which is the lifeblood of our planet. We aim to make a significant impact on ocean conservation and marine protection by empowering, amplifying and supporting local organisations and informal groups who have the knowledge, vision and passion to bring sustainable and inclusive change.

Through flexible funding and non-financial support, 10% For The Ocean builds strong relationships with local organisations and hard-to-reach partners. These partnerships focused on marine conservation programs, legal advocacy, education, awareness, and research to revive marine biodiversity and protect our precious marine resources.

We are seeking individuals who share our commitment to preserving the health and vitality of our oceans to join our Advisory Board. As a member, you will play a crucial role in guiding our organisation’s strategic direction, advising on the future members of the Ocean Recovery Network, and leveraging your expertise to maximise our impact.

What are we looking for

  • Passion for Ocean Conservation: We seek individuals who are deeply passionate about safeguarding the oceans and are committed to making a difference.
  • Enthusiasm for a localised approach to philanthropy: Whether you have experience working with local organisations, implementing community-based projects, or advocating for environmental justice at the grassroots level, we welcome your insights and dedication to making a difference at the community level.
  • Expertise and Experience: Whether you’re an expert in marine biology, conservation policy, fundraising, marketing, or finance, we value diverse perspectives and skill sets that can contribute to our mission.
  • Commitment and Engagement: Advisory Board members are expected to actively participate at least in quarterly meetings, provide valuable insights, and champion our cause within their networks.
  • Global Perspective: Our projects have a global reach, so we welcome individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.
  • Network and Influence: Individuals who can leverage their networks and influence to advance our fundraising efforts, secure partnerships, and expand our reach are highly desirable.

What you will contribute to

  • Shape the future of sustainable and inclusive ocean conservation through strategic decision-making.
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your passion and dedication.
  • Make a tangible impact on communities and ecosystems around the world.
  • Gain valuable insights and experiences that enrich your personal and professional journey.