A superfund for ocean philanthropy.

10% for the ocean exists to transform funding for ocean conservation. Launched to coincide with the UN Decade of Ocean Science, we are building a $15 billion superfund to amplify ocean recovery.
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In 80 years, over 50% of marine species may be on the brink of extinction

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Yet today the ocean receives less than 1% of all charitable giving

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We’ve set out to raise a superfund that will amplify ocean philanthropy from less than 1% to 10%


The ocean is the largest, most connected and vital ecosystem on earth. It sustains all life. Yet today, ocean conservation receives less than 1% of global charitable giving.

The UN estimates the annual funding gap for ocean conservation is $150 billion a year. Our oceans are in crisis. 


We combine the scale of collective giving with a worldwide network of critical ocean causes, providing a single point of action to promote ocean health and support recovery. 

Our networked approach delivers focus and collaboration in a fragmented ecosystem. 10% for the ocean acts as a social VC enabling the most innovative and impactful ocean projects to achieve the positive momentum required to drive behaviour change at scale.


Our aim is to increase conservation funding ten fold over the next decade by encouraging individuals, families and businesses to take the 10% pledge. This single commitment creates a superfund that can transform ocean health and protect all life on earth.

We collaborate with brands and organisations that share our vision