The ocean receives less than 1% of charitable giving. 
Find out why this is deeply wrong. 
Help us heal the ocean, contribute your own drop.

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Ocean Recovery Network

Help us transform funding for the ocean

We have created a single point of entry into ocean conservation. Every donation, big or small, is channelled into our global network of ocean recovery partners.

We are calling for organisations and individuals to pledge 10% of their charitable giving to the ocean.

Join us to build a new way to fund ocean recovery

We combine the scale of collective giving with a worldwide network of critical ocean causes, providing a single point of action to promote ocean health and support a blue recovery. 

Our networked approach delivers focus and collaboration in a fragmented ecosystem. 

10% for the ocean operates a venture philanthropy model, enabling the most innovative and impactful ocean projects to achieve the momentum and scale required to drive positive impact on our ocean’s health.

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In 80 years, over 50% of marine species may be on the brink of extinction


Yet today the ocean receives less than 1% of all charitable giving


We’ve set out to raise a superfund that will amplify ocean philanthropy from less than 1% to 10%

Our very existence depends on the ocean – it is earth’s life support system.

If it were not for the ocean’s heat absorbing properties, our planet would be 30 degrees hotter than it is now. Without the ocean, Earth would be similar to Mars.

An incredible 50-80% of all life on Earth exists within our oceans, much of which we are still discovering.

If you want to solve climate change, nothing matters more than protecting the ocean. “You cannot protect the oceans without solving climate change and you cannot solve climate change without protecting the oceans” John Kerry US Envoy for climate.

Donate to us, and we will distribute the funds to a worldwide network of critical ocean causes and projects, through our Ocean Recovery Network.