The ocean regulates our climate, generates most of the oxygen we breathe and it’s home to 80% of life on Earth


Help us protect it

About us

10% for the ocean is a global initiative dedicated to safeguarding our planet’s most vital resource: the ocean. 

As a nonprofit foundation we serve as a critical gateway for individuals, businesses, NGOs, and trusts to support ocean conservation efforts around the world by dedicating to it 10% of their charitable giving.

We channel every donation into our global network of Ocean Recovery Partners.Empowering a global alliance of local organisations, we fund and advocate for initiatives that drive positive and equitable change, ensuring the protection, recovery, and support of our ocean.

Our Vision

We envision a future where the oceans are not just surviving but thriving.

A world where the diversity of marine life is preserved for future generations, and sustainable practices ensure the resilience of marine ecosystems.

A world where a global community of ocean-focused local nonprofits work together towards the common goal of ensuring the health and vitality of our seas. 

Ocean Recovery Network

Our networked approach delivers focus and collaboration in a fragmented ecosystem. 

All our ocean recovery partners across the globe contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14, ‘Life Below Water’. 

We combine the scale of collective giving with a worldwide network of critical ocean causes, providing a single point of action to promote ocean health and support a blue recovery. 

Currently there are 56 partners in the ORN, established in 17 countries and running hundreds of critical ocean projects.

Our very existence depends on the ocean

We depend on the ocean for every other breath we take. The ocean produces 50% of the oxygen in the atmosphere, that’s more than the world’s forests and jungles combined. 

An incredible 50-80% of all life on Earth exists within our oceans, much of which we are still discovering. 

Our oceans are pivotal in our fight against climate change. They have absorbed about 93% of the excess heat from greenhouse gases since the 1960s. Without this capacity to absorb heat, Earth’s temperature would be 30 degrees higher. This role in regulating temperature and mitigating greenhouse gases highlights the ocean’s vital importance in our climate change strategies.

Now more than ever

A healthy ocean is essential for sustainable food, livelihoods, and commerce. In 2015, 193 countries committed to 17 global goals, including SDG14, to conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas, and marine resources by 2030 for sustainable development.

To hit the targets needed to achieve SDG14, it’s estimated that the world must spend US $175 billion per year. But the money pledged right now for ocean conservation is estimated at just US $25 billion yearly, leaving an annual funding gap of around US $150 billion.

At the 2017 United Nations Ocean Conference, 44% of SDG14 action commitments were from governments, 20% from NGOs, and only 8% from businesses. We believe the non-profit sector has a serious role to play in closing the gap and ensuring the success of SDG14.

Donate to us, and we will distribute the funds to a worldwide network of critical ocean causes and projects, through our Ocean Recovery Network.