Our ocean superfund is an innovative platform to finance ocean recovery and sustainability projects, pioneering a more collaborative and impactful approach to environmental philanthropy.

Our ocean superfund is:

  • An all-of-market non-profit ‘money manager for the ocean
  • A single action point for ocean funders to achieve maximum impact
  • A business-minded custodian of philanthropic capital that delivers funding to pre-approved ocean projects with pioneering solutions
  • A ‘fund of funds’ grant-making body that provides diversification of giving
  • For individual and corporate philanthropists

When ‘doing good’ is done well

Philanthropy can be a powerful force for positive change. At 10% for the ocean, we:

  • Think like a business
  • Spend on advertising, marketing, and fundraising to scale awareness and drive extraordinary charitable giving
  • Take a Venture Capital approach to selecting ocean projects that receive grant monies
  • Work with leading conservationists, scientists, advocates, and partner brands
  • Champion teamwork and collaboration to assemble a coalition of ocean stakeholders
  • Act with transparency and diligence

Through a rigorous due diligence process

Our team curates a portfolio of proven, bold initiatives poised to drive change at scale. Our Advisory Board then reviews our overall strategy and helps to select and support our project partners. We support projects that align with United Nations’ SDG14 and which principally fall within four areas:

  • Infrastructure (boats, equipment, submarines, technology)
  • Programmes (marine conservation and research projects)
  • Legal and advocacy work (marine protected areas, high-seas protections)
  • Education (media, awareness, discovery)
We collaborate with brands and organisations that share our vision