Our success depends on your support. We believe that the solution lies in building long-term relationships with funders and partners who share our vision. Collectively, we can solve the problem.

Founding Partner

The first phase of our journey to £15bn involves a small number of founding partners joining to help launch our Global Awareness campaign by pledging up to £1m each.

As a founding partner, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • A seat on the board and steering committee to shape and guide the future of funding for our ocean
  • Exposure in our global awareness campaign
  • Right to use our name, logo, and brand assets on your channels
  • Activation of your brand across our channels
  • Access to our network and exclusive events
  • 10% for the ocean employee engagement programs
  • One-day facilitated ESG workshop with senior management
  • Exclusive trips to the front line of ocean conservation
  • Sustainable corporate gifting allowance
  • One annual opportunity to speak at a function or event

10% Pledge

For organisations and individuals with an existing philanthropic or ESG framework in place, we invite you to commit 10% of your charitable giving towards the ocean. You’ll help to bring balance to charitable donations globally, supporting the ocean recovery.

By pledging 10%, you’ll receive:

  • Right to use our name, logo, and brand assets on your channel
  • Activation of your brand across our channels
  • Exposure on the 10% for the ocean website

10% Share

Support the ocean with a 10% revenue share from a product line or range. A wealth of insights suggest that consumers gravitate towards sustainable brands with purpose. Create an advantage over competitor brands and make a statement around your commitment to the environment by showcasing the 10% for the ocean badge on your products. Sign up to a number of units sold or campaign period with no minimum volume or duration. 10% for the ocean will help to promote that product through our channels. Activate your campaign immediately by integrating our logo into your packaging design.

By committing to a 10% Share, you’ll benefit from:

  • Leveraging the 10% for the ocean brand and story on products to increase sales
  • Promotion of your product across 10% for the ocean channels and upcoming shop
  • Featuring on the 10% for the ocean product page
  • No upfront commitment, no minimum or maximum commitment, flexible terms
  • Immediate campaign activation with 10% logo made available under licensing

10% Bespoke

We understand that everyone’s needs and objectives are different. We can design a partnership platform around your brand, goals and objectives. Talk to us to begin shaping your partnership with 10% for the ocean.